It may include gas consumption rationing, primarily for households, as well as economic support measures for enterprises, including loans and guarantees

Germany is developing an action plan that it will implement if Russia suddenly decides to cut off gas supplies, Reuters reports, citing sources.

As one of the possible measures, the rationing of gas consumption is called, and the first may be obliged to limit the use of gas by households, and not industry, the agency writes. According to him, this will mean a change in the current policy, according to which in such cases enterprises are the first to be subject to restrictions.

Reuters sources also say that Berlin will support the provision of additional loans and guarantees to companies involved in the energy sector in order to support them in the face of rising prices. In addition, the government can “take under the wing” critical companies such as oil refineries.

Germany is approaching the limit of the sanctions it can impose without sending its economy into a spiral fall, the sources said. According to them, even those members of the ruling coalition who support sanctions pressure on Russia are afraid to impose a ban on gas supplies.

According to one of the sources, the heads of the largest companies in the German industrial sector asked the government not to refuse gas from Russia. Another interlocutor clarified that the business assured the country's leadership that it would independently reduce ties with Russia, but asked “not to force it to do it immediately.”

In late March, Germany introduced the first of three levels of the warning regime gas emergency. It involves the maximum reduction of gas consumption and monitoring the situation on the gas market.

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The first level of the emergency warning regime is introduced if there are signs of a future deterioration in the gas supply situation. If they are implemented, a second level is introduced. The third level is introduced in case of a significant disruption of gas supply. In this case, the government takes measures to provide gas to citizens, hospitals, fire services and the police.

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