How the capture of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was thwarted

The operation to seize the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant by Ukrainian paratroopers has been thwarted. A team of IAEA experts began working at the station – the head of the agency, Grossi, said that they had collected a lot of important information. We talked to political scientist Marat Bashirov about how the operation could have been planned and what might fall within the competence of the IAEA staff.

Photo : Global Look Press

– Here our scouts did a great job. Judging by how quickly the first group of 60 people, who crossed in seven rubber boats, was localized, we were ready for this.

By the way, according to some reports, they had special silent engines installed on their boats. The operation was prepared very carefully. The paratroopers had to catch on, create a bridgehead. Help followed.

Two self-propelled barges with tactical troops (presumably 140 fighters each) began to cross from Nikopol to the shore of the Kakhovka reservoir, where the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant stands. They could already carry medium-heavy weapons. You can't carry mortars on rubber boats. And the barges that were sunk by the Russian military were also a technical weapons depot. If the Ukrainian paratroopers managed to cross on barges and unload assault guns and mortars, it would be a different military situation. They could create a barrage of fire.

The third barge was also preparing for departure from Nikopol, on which there were 50 fighters and heavy weapons, as well as mines to mine the area around the station and the ZNPP itself. Thanks to our scouts and aviation, this barge was destroyed on the shore.

This is being confirmed more and more. The Americans are responsible for strategic cooperation, they are more responsible for the supply of weapons. And the British intelligence service MI6 and consultants from the special air service SAS are more often involved in the operational game.

“We will know for sure when the experts examine their bodies. It is clear that they will all be without documents, without tokens. But there is a base of faces. In addition, three Ukrainian saboteurs who tried to seize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant were taken prisoner. Some of the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued to conduct military operations in the dacha village, where they were driven by Russian troops.

– I have no doubt that all the terrorist acts that are now taking place in the liberated territories, and the one that was committed in the suburbs, when a car with Daria Dugina was blown up, coordinated by the British intelligence services.

In order to avoid a leak, the paratroopers who were supposed to take part in the operation to seize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant could be taken to the territory of one of the military bases where British special forces are being trained. They could be isolated, their phones taken away. And then transported to Odessa and then transferred to Nikopol, on the shore of the Kakhovka reservoir.

– Capture the station and force the Russian troops to withdraw. Put the station under your control. If we cut their wires, on the eve of winter, Ukraine would lose 20% of the total energy generated on the eve of winter. And, of course, the capture of the station would be a big “win” for them.

– According to my information, the members of the delegation all the morning of the first of September conducted an active radio exchange on satellite phones. And they were given the “go-ahead” to travel.

– I think that they are all intelligence officers there, who work for different governments. Therefore, someone could know about the special operation. For example, those who represent Poland, and the head of the Grossi mission himself. I generally have suspicions that there could be collusion between the mission leadership and those who planned this operation.

— No, it is not in their competence. When the trip was just being planned, the conditions for the arrival of the IAEA mission to the station were being discussed, our side demanded that ballistics specialists be included in the delegation. Those who have arrived at the station now will see how safe it is in terms of operation, how spent nuclear fuel is stored. That is, to assess the real situation and help to stabilize it.

I liked the latest information that a group of foreign and Russian journalists arrived through Russia, which should go to the station along with the IAEA mission. This group is quite large, about 20 people. Moscow is maximally interested in showing what the IAEA staff will do at the station. Journalists will follow the inspectors with their tail, filming everything that happens at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

– Zelensky all the time needs to transfer arrows to someone. He cannot blame the British handlers for the failure of the operation. Accordingly, he will look for “scapegoats” among his military. It is quite possible that this will be the reason for a series of resignations in the top leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



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