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Early diagnosis of oncological diseases — an important point in cancer therapy. The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment is based, among other things, on the awareness of people. If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, and the person does not waste time, being distracted by alternative measures that do not differ in proven effectiveness, then the chances of a cure are very high. 

On June 20, a large-scale campaign “Make sure you are healthy” starts — it is organized in order to provide information support to the national project «Healthcare». The purpose of the campaign — prevention and early diagnosis of cancer. Quite often, people's plans do not include screening for their own health. And the initiators of the campaign expect that the audience will think about assessing the state of their health in order not to miss important moments from their own lives.


“We are preoccupied every minute with the fact that we need to remember to do — now, in an hour, today, tomorrow. People paint life for months and years ahead, despite the fact that life itself is both changeable and unpredictable. However, when making plans, savoring the future result, it will be right not to forget about the main resource — about health! This campaign — is the beginning of a culture of taking care of your health. Cancer — is one of the most severe diseases, the serious consequences of which can be avoided in 90% of cases if you undergo medical examination on time. And this is the most important thing to remember to do when making plans. And it needs to be done tomorrow,” — shared the creative director of ANO National Priorities Ruslana Kharitonova. 

The videos will be shown on federal TV channels and on the Internet — they will be available until August. And in 41 cities banners will be placed on static and digital outdoor advertising media. 

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