Biden was riding a bicycle near his home and fell while approaching reporters. According to the president, his cycling shoe was unsuccessfully caught on the pedal /756555629563864.jpg” alt=”Biden fell off his bike while walking. Video” />


US President Joe Biden fell while riding a bike near his home in Delaware, Reuters reports. .

In a video circulated by journalists, the president rides with a group of people on bicycles, journalists standing nearby call out to him and ask questions. As Biden approaches them, he falls sideways along with the bike.

After that, the American leader said that he was fine and was not injured. He explained his fall by the fact that his bicycle shoe got caught on the pedal.

In March last year, Biden fell while climbing the ramp at Andrews Air Force Base. After that, the president stood up, raised his hand in greeting and entered the plane.

In November 2021, Biden was diagnosed with mild peripheral sensory neuropathy of the leg. The disease occurs due to damage to the nerves that are outside the brain and spinal cord and transmit information from them to other parts of the body. Its symptoms can be weakness, numbness, pain.

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